Adel Smee

Engineering Manager, Zendesk
Wellbeing panel

Panel: Exploring future wellbeing

Hear from those working towards individual, team and organisational wellbeing on how we can support happier, healthier and more meaningful work in a VUCA world.

There is no one size fits all for wellbeing in the workplace, nor does any one person have all the answers! During this interactive panel, you’ll hear different perspectives and approaches that will be food for thought for anyone committed to making their workplaces a better place for all.

About Adel Smee

Adel Smee is an Engineering Manager at Zendesk where, for the last four years, she has led innovation projects across a variety of technologies and grown a number of high performing teams. Her career in tech started with teaching people to code, before she decided to break out and get paid to do it commercially at a startup, then at Lonely Planet, and then at Zendesk. Along the way she realised that her main implicit motivator is delight in the success of others, which turns out to be a really useful quality in a manager. She is obsessed with what makes people (and herself) tick and loves to hear how she is getting it wrong so she can do better. Adel is an incurable optimist who believes that one day we’ll live in a world where everybody likes their job as much as she does, but isn’t naive enough to think that day is coming any time soon.

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