Alison Cameron

Co-founder, Adaptive Cultures

Moving Beyond Agility – co-creating new realities

Exploring true Agility and what might be beyond this, takes us into questions of how to support realisation of human capacities for greater kindness, resilience, responsibility, creativity and adaptability and the systems and structures that will enable this.

The problems Agile has attempted to solve are built into retrogressive ways of working and thinking given rise to by worldviews entrenched in many of our political, economic and social systems and which expand well beyond our organisations.

New ways of working, without addressing these worldviews can only take us so far. The need of the moment is to reimagine and co-create a more compassionate and sustainable future world for our families, communities, organisations and societies.

Moving beyond agility invites us to reimagine our ways of thinking, relating and constructing reality.

Join Alison as she invites us to explore what might be possible as we embrace and move beyond agility into a fuller and more sustainable realisation of human potential through regenerative design, systems awareness, considered action and deep transformation.

About Alison Cameron

Alison Cameron is the Co-founder of Adaptive Cultures and author of Leadership for the New Millennium. She has been working globally at the forefront of systems transformation (personal, community, organisations, society, world) for over 20 years. She has supported cultural evolution and adaptive leadership development with a range of for-purpose organisations and global multinationals and guides purpose-driven leaders in expressing more of their potential for positive contribution. Alison has supported a number of large organisations with evolving their culture and leadership to realise benefits of adopting Agile ways of working.

Her unique view of leadership is informed by practical application and a continual exploration of our internal worlds and how they intersect with and give rise to our material reality. Alison’s experience is that the ways we view leadership and our capacity for it are fundamental to many of the challenges we face as humanity, and that only through a more holistic view of leadership and personal responsibility will we find a way to a sustainably more humane world.

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