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Jen Frahm

Co-founder, Agile Change Leadership Institute

The storm is the norm: The five shifts leaders need to make now

Leadership has been disrupted. As we emerge from ‘COVID retreat’ into times of continued and deep uncertainty, we need new ways of thinking and leading.

There’s no arguing it now – if as a leader you haven’t already embraced more agile and exploratory styles of leadership, you will be struggling to emerge from the pandemic in a healthy shape.

We also know new ways of leading call on new ways of thinking.

Right now, with the right mindset, we have great potential to harness this to be an incredible accelerant for change and even newer ways of working.

In this talk, Jen and Lena will walk through the five shifts that leaders need to make to capture the opportunity in front of us now.

About Jen Frahm

Dr Jen Frahm is a tamer of ambiguity, speaker of truths and solver of problems. She is the Founder of Conversations of Change, a boutique change capability consultancy, a podcaster, a
blogger and a global expert on organisational change and transformation.
She has delivered across multiple industries and professions, from wine sales to wedding dresses, veterinary products to energy retailers, nuns and engineers, big banks, small IT companies, publicly listed, privately owned and non-profit organisations.
A sought after speaker, she is known for being at the frontier of Agile change practice.
She has a PhD in Management and has taught in Australia’s leading Universities.
Jen’s first book, Conversations of Change, A guide to implementing workplace change was released in July 2017.

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