Mark Green

Founder, diliberate

Re-imagining agility for inclusion and equity

This session is for those who are somewhat dreamers and innovators. Those who love to challenge the norms and question everything.

What if we:

  • Could take innovation to the next level?
  • Discovered a new way to grow companies in an era of low growth?
  • Created products and services EVERYONE loved?
  • Had more people enjoying their work and workplaces?
  • Achieved more positive contributions from everyone at work?
  • Created more job opportunities for more people?
  • Were a major driver in making the world a better place?

Does this sound awesome but unrealistic? Let’s discover how it could become a reality together through the power of inclusion and equity. You’ll learn how applying a people-centric approach to re-examine Agile, it’s culture and practices with a mindset of inclusion and equity, we can unlock the next-gen of agility. Evidence and future thinking shows that this is not just a socially-progressive approach, but it is likely to become a must-do for organisations to thrive in the future. You’ll gain an understanding where we are falling short today and what you can do.

This talk will challenge you. Take you on a journey from sadness and anger to ultimately feel hope and excitement for the future, to want to get started to make a change.

This session is for those who are somewhat dreamers and innovators. Those who love to challenge the norms and question everything. Those who want to embrace leading-edge thinking and techniques in their careers, clients and organisations. Agilists who wish to differentiate themselves and their service offerings. Entrepreneurs who are keen to develop the concepts more and create a new reality and people with a passion for turning the dial on diversity, equity and inclusion!

About Mark Green

After more than 20 years of a technology career, Mark Green is now exploring ways to fundamentally change the way the world looks at Diversity, Inclusion & Equity. He strongly believes in holistic inclusion and equity through purposeful design and the value that it can bring. Born with a visual disability, he brings lived experience of the struggles diverse people can encounter in a world not designed for all. The introduction of Agile cultures and practices has had a profound impact on both his career and personal life; and not always positive. He is currently leading a global research effort into Agile, inclusion and equity as part of a belief that Agile and agility may be the vehicle that could deliver both material social change and amplify business outcomes.

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