Michelle H Lim

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, Swinburne University

Challenges in Combating Loneliness Beyond COVID

Loneliness is identified as the next public health challenge beyond COVID-19. The changes in the way we relate, live, and work with each other have dynamically shifted. Michelle will speak to the impact of loneliness on our health and workplaces. In this talk, she will speak about what could help people maintain meaningful social connection despite being physically apart.
About Michelle H Lim

Dr Michelle H Lim is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and leads the Social Health and Wellbeing (SHAW) Laboratory. Michelle is interested in how loneliness can negatively impact social functioning and exacerbate mental health symptoms (e.g. social anxiety, depression, and paranoia). She focuses on the development and evaluation of evidence based solutions that can address loneliness in young people with first episode psychosis, social anxiety disorder, as well as nonclinical populations across the lifespan. Michelle’s interests extend to the development and implementation of personalised mental health, cognitive biases in psychopathology, subclinical psychotic symptoms, decision-making, and emotion regulation processes.

Michelle is a registered clinical psychologist and a board approved supervisor for the Psychology Board of Australia. She currently holds multiple research collaborations with Washington University in St Louis, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), the University of Melbourne, and Australian Catholic University. Michelle is the scientific chair and chairperson of Ending Loneliness Together, a national initiative which guides Australian charities, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations to deliver evidence-based community messaging and solutions in loneliness.

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