Adam Boas

Chief Technical Officer, MyXplor


Adam Boas has a long history in software delivery as a developer, tech lead, architect and manager. His career in application, web and mobile development has taken him from coding and design to architecture and team building as well as coaching and management. He has worked in consultancies and product companies in various industries. Over the past 10 years, Adam has developed a keen interest in both distributed systems and distributed teams. His work with distributed teams has involved both working with remote individuals and teams in product companies as well as building offshore delivery centres and teams to provide elastic capacity to other product companies. Most recently, his interest in distributed systems saw him leading teams to rebuild monolithic back office customer and payment systems at REA into high performance distributed systems and working with teams at Culture Amp to build high performance data pipelines. Adam is currently CTO at MyXplor, building software to improve child care systems.

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