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Time Grand Ballroom A Grand Ballroom B State Room Function Rooms 3&4
8.30am On Beyond Agile: The new face of software engineering
» Alistair Cockburn

9.45am Is business really ready for Agile?
» Rob Thomsett

10.40am PANEL: The changing role of the CIO
» Steve Coles
» Beverley Head (moderator)
» Daniel Oertli
» Jeff Smith
» John Sullivan

11.45am Rocky road to an Agile transformation
» Daniel Oertli
Product Development at Lonely Planet - four confessions and an accidental work of genius
» Nigel Dalton
Agile architecture and design
» Neal Ford
WORKSHOP: What are you waiting for? Start me up!
» Fiona Siseman
» Nicholas Thorpe
Best for Beginners Limited seating
12.30pm Agile isn't the point; better is the point
» Michael Bromley
How Agile can go terribly wrong
» Martin Kearns
Key Metrics for an Agile Organisation - How to measure value
» Craig Langenfeld
1.15pm LUNCH
2.15pm Setting the foundations for success
» Steve Lawrence
Better IT Departments - Mapping your Agile transformation across a quadrant
» Alexandra Stokes
Best for Beginners
LiveAccounts DevOps - Continuous Delivery in the Real World
» Nish Mahanty
» Lawrence Song
WORKSHOP: Project Management in the Age of Complexity - What every manager needs to know
» Simon Bennett
» Rowan Bunning
Limited seating
3.00pm PANEL: Pure gold or fools gold? Hiring people for Agile teams is easy
» Richard Banks
» David Chatterton
» Richard Durnall
» Beverley Head (moderator)
» Lorena Healey
Leading by Serving
» Simon Bristow
DevOps Counseling: 10 ways to help your Dev and Ops people resolve their differences and learn to love each other again
» Evan Bottcher
» John Viner
4.15pm Agile for Start-ups
» Adrian Smith
Agile Games
» Kane Mar
» Tania Broome
» Sandra Dalli
» Sarah McAllister
Best for Beginners
Soldering irons, consumer devices and hardware manufacturing in the world of Agile Software
» Neil Bryden
» Dean Netherton
WORKSHOP: Setting up and running an Agile PMO
» Philip Abernathy
Limited seating
Putting It All Together - Agile transformation and development tooling
» Philip Chan
5.45pm PANEL: Continuous Delivery
» Evan Bottcher
» Neal Ford
» Martin Fowler

6.30pm CLOSE
6.45pm ThoughtWorks Open House
Visit the ThoughtWorks booth for more information and registration.


Time Grand Ballroom A Grand Ballroom B State Room Function Rooms 3&4
8.30am Elevating the Agile Community of Thinkers
» Jean Tabaka

9.30am PANEL: Software engineering is a dead craft
» Martin Fowler
» Kane Mar
» Craig Smith (moderator)

Migrating the business with Domain Driven Design
» Stephen Hardisty
» Tomas Varsavsky
WORKSHOP: The lean lego game
» Fabio Pereira
» Francisco Trindade
Best for Beginners Limited seating
10.15am Agile and Enterprise Architecture are not mutually exclusive
» Rebecca Parsons

Be the change you seek - Kickstart your innovation program
» Nicholas Muldoon
11.30am PANEL: Agile cannot be done for a fixed price. You can't even predict the next iteration
» Adam Boas
» Nigel Dalton
» Keith Dodds (moderator)
» Patrick Eltridge
Great Agile Workspaces - balancing space, communication and distraction
» James Pierce
The Speed to Cool: Valuing testing and quality in Agile teams
» Craig Smith
WORKSHOP: Dr W. Edwards Deming's famous Red Bead Experiment Workshop
» David Joyce
» Jane Hong Nguyen
Best for Beginners Limited seating
12.15pm Lean vs Agile - Stop Fighting, Start Delivering: Reloaded
» Simon Bennett
The staged approach to introducing Agile/Scrum used at Transport NSW
» Lorraine Pauls Longhurst
» Michael Rembach
Best for Beginners
Agile at Scale
» Patrick Eltridge
1.00pm LUNCH
2.00pm Lightning Talks
» Philip Abernathy
» Jonathan Coleman
» Steve Jenkins
» Lynn Shrewsbury
Rolling out 'Agile principles' in a global organisation - a continuous journey
» Sascha Ragtschaa
To be or not to be ... Agile UX
» Sally Bieleny
» Jacky Jacob
WORKSHOP: Leveraging emerging technologies in Agile teams
» Paul King
Limited seating
2.45pm PANEL: The role of a Coach
» Philip Abernathy (moderator)
» Tania Broome
» Marina Chiovetti
» Martin Kearns
» Andy Trigg
Best for Beginners
A Rogue's take on the 4 'C's: Culture Change Costs Currency
» Renee Troughton
Open Space
4.00pm Software development in the 21st Century
» Martin Fowler

4.45pm Close with Drinks and Networking

5.30pm Optional: Conference retrospective

= Best for Beginners

Limited seating = Workshop sessions in Function Rooms 3&4 will be capped at capacity. Reserve your seat at the Agile Australia booth

* Please note this program is subject to change