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Speaker submissions to Agile Australia 2016 are now closed.

Being a speaker at Agile Australia 2016 is your opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of your peers by sharing your story and experience. Tales of your successes and failures; what has worked and what hasn’t – could all be valuable steps in moving us Towards the Agile Country!

We suggest that you read the information on this page carefully before submitting your proposal. If you have any questions about submitting please contact

How it works

Every year over 200 proposals are submitted via an open anonymous submission system to create a truly outstanding conference program. Usually about 35-40 proposals are invited to be part of the final program.

Submitters (and their replies to comments) remain anonymous to all. We ask submitters to try and keep their submission and comments free of any identifying information. Please note that your contact information, job title, company, referees and previous experience which you are asked to provide for is not visible to reviewers. Please ensure that you do not disclose your workplace in your proposal’s title. If you believe your proposal makes more sense with your workplace in the title ‘e.g How we used Kanban to revolutionise [company name]’s culture’ – please omit your workplace’s name to begin with. If your proposal is accepted into the final program you may add your workplace and any other identifying information back into your title after the reviewing process is complete.

The identity of shortlisted submissions is only revealed to advisors and chairs involved in the final program meeting. This meeting ensures only one submission per person is accepted and ensures no constituency is over or under represented in the final conference program.


Submissions open on Tuesday 1 December 2015 and close on Friday 11 March 2016.
All submitters are welcome to edit and update their proposal/s based on the feedback and questions raised in the comments section anytime before Friday 18 March 2016.


In 2016 submissions are for 40 minute presentation style sessions.

All 40 minute sessions include an introduction and thank you by the MC and any Q&A. Presentation rooms are set up theatre style and audiences range from 100-300. Please note that it is possible for sponsors to purchase vendor presentations, which are labelled as such on the program. Open Space will run over the two days and submissions for Lightning Talks will be open down the track to all those who submit. The Workshop days are to be held the day after the conference on Wednesday 22nd in Melbourne and Thursday 23rd in Sydney.

Indicative timeline

Fri 11 March:

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE (edits to proposals and commenting still possible for 1 week)

Friday 18 March:

Cut off date for author edits to proposals and reviewing ramps up

Wed 30 March:

Bucket Shortlists due

Fri 1 April:

Advisors meeting to determine program

Wed 6 April:

Submitters are notified whether their proposal/s were successful or not

Mon 18 April:

Program live

Thurs 21 April:

Early bird registration closes

Fri 10 June:

Speaker presentations slides due

Sun 19 June:

Social Day

Mon 20 June:

Speaker breakfast + AA16 day 1

Tues 21 June:

AA16 day 2

Wed 22 June:

Melbourne Workshops

Thurs 23 June:

Sydney Workshop

Submission Guidelines and Tips

You can login to the submissions site with your existing Agile Australia account or create a new one. Once logged in please update your information and add your phone number in case we need to contact you.

  • Please limit yourself to a total of three submissions. This includes submissions where you are the second speaker or ‘co-presenter’.
  • Remember there may be up to five sessions running concurrently and attendees will vote with their feet! So be enticing and accurate in your description so reviewers can see why attendees will be attracted to your session.
  • You will need to classify your submission into one of the eleven topic buckets.
  • Use the structure and mechanics sections to explain how you plan on using your 40 minutes.
  • Make it clear that you know who is your primary audience.
  • Explain how your talk will help us move Towards the Agile Country.
  • Have clear takeaways and learning outcomes.
  • Originality will be favoured. If you are presenting on a topic you have presented before in Australia, we suggest you be creative and think up a new angle!
  • Respond to feedback – your comments will appear as ‘Author’. Submissions received early have been favoured in the past so perhaps the feedback has helped improve the chances to be accepted?!
  • Remember it is entirely up to you if you take on the feedback but remember that any changes you wish to make must be updated in the submission itself, NOT in the comments.


You can view some examples of successful past submissions.

View Here

The doctor

If you find yourself in need of some extra guidance to help your submission be the best that it can be, you can request assistance from our submission doctor. The doctor’s role is to work outside the reviewing system, offering advice and answering questions to those that need it on a one-to-one basis. Email –

Providing feedback on proposals

We welcome your feedback and questions on the proposals submitted by others!

  • If a proposal really excites you, please make sure you click: 
  • Your feedback will also help submitters refine and iterate their proposal. Please comment with the aim of making the proposal better – are there points you would like clarified? are the learning outcomes obvious? are there gaps in the content?
  • Your name will appear next to all your comments. Remember, the commenting system is open for all to see, so your comments should be always constructive and fair.
  • Remember your feedback is not binding and represents only your point of view. The submitter does not have to take on your feedback to be considered for inclusion into the program.
  • Any comments which are deemed to be not useful will be removed. If you notice something you do not like, please let us know.

If you would like to get involved by checking out the proposals already submitted, voting for your favourites or adding your comments to the author, we welcome your contribution!

Speaker Compensation

The Agile Australia 2016 Conference introduces all that attend to a wonderful, generous, welcoming community of people who are committed to learning and sharing. We try and look after our Speakers as they make the conference great. All those who are invited to speak or have their submissions accepted to be part of the conference program receive one complimentary registration for them to attend Agile Australia 2016.

Your colleagues, clients, and network will also be able to attend the conference at a discounted price.