About the Program


Over the years we have tried different approaches to bring together the Agile Australia conference program. In 2016 we are going to start with eleven “buckets” to try and encourage a greater variety of topics to be submitted.

In 2016 the process to develop the program will be:

Invite keynotes and invited speakers based on community suggestions

Receive anonymous submissions from the community over summer

Submissions are blind reviewed and rated by a team of chairs and reviewers

Over one day the advisors evaluate the shortlists and decide on the final program

Coming up with the final program is more art than science. The advisors are asked to look at the conference program as a whole. So they try and fill in any gaps and reduce the overlaps.

Agile Australia is a community which encourages the diversity of our experiences and backgrounds. So in confirming the final conference program, the advisors try and ensure that constituencies are not over or under represented.

Theme: Towards the Agile Country

Agile Australia 2016 is about building an environment in which learning is constant; empathy permeates all that we do; and where we embrace change and embed innovation in order to secure Australia’s future prosperity.


Initially we are asking for submissions to fit into eleven content buckets listed below. These make up the wishlist the chairs and advisors have come up with of the topics we would like to see reflected in the program. When it comes to planning the program, we may group “buckets” into broader “streams”. There will most likely be only 4 concurrent streams during the two day conference.

How it works

Every year over 200 proposals are submitted via an open anonymous submission system to create a truly outstanding conference program. Usually about 35-40 proposals are invited to be part of the final program.

Submitters (and their replies to comments) remain anonymous to all. We ask submitters to try and keep their submission and comments free of any identifying information. Please note that your contact information, job title, company, referees and previous experience which you are asked to provide for is not visible to reviewers. Please ensure that you do not disclose your workplace in your proposal’s title. If you believe your proposal makes more sense with your workplace in the title ‘e.g How we used Kanban to revolutionise [company name]’s culture’ – please omit your workplace’s name to begin with. If your proposal is accepted into the final program you may add your workplace and any other identifying information back into your title after the reviewing process is complete.

The identity of shortlisted submissions is only revealed to advisors and chairs involved in the final program meeting. This meeting ensures only one submission per person is accepted and ensures no constituency is over or under represented in the final conference program.

Submissions to be a speaker at Agile Australia 2016 are now closed.