Adam Asch

AAPAC & Emerging Markets Group Lead, Accenture | SolutionsIQ

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Are you ready for the third wave?

Organisations are striving to use Agile to unlock customer value and competitive advantage. Many organisations focus only on scaling frameworks and adopting Agile practices. While these are important, they’re not enough on their own.  We must look to the third wave of Agile: business agility.

Adam Asch will explore how Agile has evolved through three waves and what each has contributed to the industry… and the world. You’ll gain an understanding of the organisational capabilities that make up business agility, such as Delivery Agility, Product Innovation, Organisational Adaptability and Leadership Effectiveness. Adam will also stress the importance of holistic thinking in business agility, raising key questions you should consider: what are the business outcomes? What capabilities are needed to achieve these outcomes? What activities and initiatives should businesses engage in to develop and mature these capabilities?

About Adam Asch
Adam Asch has more than twenty years of experience in helping organisations define and achieve business goals through Business Agility. As a passionate organisational change leader, Adam brings focus on applying Agile and Lean thinking to the entire organisation. He brings international experience – having trained and coached dozens of product teams, delivery teams and individuals to change the way they organise around and think about success. Adam is committed to making sure organisations never lose sight of their most important outcomes. As the AAPAC & Emerging Markets Group Lead, Adam is responsible for understanding the needs of your region to best align Business Agility growth solutions to outcomes.

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