Alejandro Estringana

Tech Manager, THE ICONIC

 The fundamentals

Deconstructing the MVP approach

“Yeah, MVP (Minimal Viable Product) sounds great but when it comes to actually working this way, it’s nearly impossible.” This was Alejandro Estringana’s initial experience… and maybe yours too? This talk is a story on how THE ICONIC figured out how to design and implement MVPs successfully and got a huge amount of value from working this way.

During this talk, Alejandro will quickly cover what MVP is and what it means to work this way. Then he’ll share some real-life examples of how we successfully used MVP at THE ICONIC. This will include: What was the problem? What was the MVP approach? What did we learn?

Come along if you’re keen to get ideas for how you might start using MVP or maximise the use of MVP in your organisation.

About Alejandro Estringana

Originally from Spain but now living the Australian Dream, Alejandro Estringana really loves MVP and Lean. Even though he is a purist developer (he really likes clean code, testing, etc), he really loves the feeling of delivering value to customers as often as possible.

Alejandro is currently Technology Manager and Lead Engineer at THE ICONIC where he helps teams to achieve MVPs on a Lean approach without compromising architecture. He has also organised a few robotics hackathons at THE ICONIC. Previously, Alejandro worked as Technical Team Lead at MISSGUIDED UK.

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