Ashik Ahmed

Co-founder, CEO and CTO, Deputy

Guest speaker

Perfect is bullsh*t

Ashik Ahmed is the Co-founder, CEO and CTO at Deputy. In this presentation, Ashik will explore the meaning behind one of his companies’ mantras: ‘perfect is bullsh*t’. He’ll discuss the importance of building not just an Agile product, but a company that is Agile all round.

Ashik will talk through the challenges of creating Agile companies in an industry focused around rigid compliance. Additionally, he’ll share the decision-making matrix he uses within his high-growth scaleup. Most importantly, though, Ashik will talk about the role that the ‘Agile-self’ plays in bringing all the moving pieces together.

About Ashik Ahmed

Ashik Ahmed is the Co-founder, CEO and CTO of Deputy: a workforce management platform he launched with Co-founder Steve Shelley in 2008. Deputy helps make work life easier for employers and their teams by automating processes like scheduling, shift swaps, timesheets, tasks and workplace communication.

More than 95,000 workplaces in 85 countries use Deputy to manage what is fast approaching 1 million shift workers across a variety of industries. Over 100 million shifts have been scheduled using Deputy, and in Sydney you can not travel more than 100 metres without passing a Deputy customer.

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