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Avoiding zombieland in Agile teams

Rule #34: Know Your Zombie. They look human. Talk like humans. They might even have a board that they stand around and point to occasionally. But don’t be fooled. A closer look reveals that it’s all for show. A once innovative team now reduced to a huddled mass of disengaged undead who no longer think for themselves, have an insatiable instinct to consume, and hold a delusional belief that they are still high performing.

Avoiding Zombieland is a quick tour of the evolution, symptoms and the possible remedies for long running teams that exhibit the first signs of infection.

About Dave Bales

As one of three CECs in Australia, Dave Bales has worked with over 40 teams to help them become effective at delivering value while using Agile approaches. Dave also co-hosts Agile Coach Camps across Australia and New Zealand.

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