Emma Murray

Mindfulness Coach, Richmond Football Club

Guest speaker

Mindset rules

Emma Murray will share the key mindset rules she introduced in Richmond Football Club, propelling them to premiers in under 12 months.

Emma’s rules give you an understanding of the machine in your minds: helping you control your attention to achieve more, perform better and feel happier. These rules are designed to stand up under the extreme pressure of high performance, high expectation environmentsgiving you real life tools to apply for immediate impact in your jobs and lives. Emma will share examples and stories from her time at Richmond, individual elite athletes’ journeys and her own life experience with spinal cord injury to give weight to her teachings.

About Emma Murray

Emma Murray is a master of mindfulness and a peak performance mind coach who was considered the “secret weapon” behind Richmond Football Club’s 37 year drought breaking, 2017 AFL Grand Final win. It was her unique program and multidisciplinary approach combining mindfulness, visualisation, psychology, and meditation that was considered the difference in performance for a Club that has a long standing reputation of folding under pressure … but that is not the whole story! Emma has faced her own life challenges which has required her to tap into everything she teaches to find a way to not only survive but to thrive.

At AgileAus19, Emma will not only give you an insiders account of the performance secrets behind one of the most incredible AFL Grand Final wins in history, but she will share with you the specific tools and strategies that have worked with her and her clients and she will share them in a way which will allow you to take them immediately back into your own job and life to perform better, feel better and achieve more.

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