Hakan Forss

Lean & Agile Enterprise Coach, Flow Behave FB

Guest speaker

Make strategy happen with Hoshin Kanri and Toyota Kata

Lean and Agile software development can help your organisation deliver early and often, but this is not sufficient. Without clear and transparent alignment on a strategy, the organisation might still just end up keeping itself busy and not achieving the desired results.

Making your strategy happen involves two major, symbiotic components: strategy alignment and strategy execution.

Aligning on the right strategy can be a challenge in today’s complex world. Hoshin Kanri is an approach to meeting this challenge by drawing for the collective brain trust in your organisation.

Organisations also need to become laboratories: constantly running experiments, generating learning, and applying that learning to continually progress towards their strategy. In this session, you will learn how to create this symbiosis of strategy alignment and strategy execution using Hoshin Kanri and Toyota Kata as one system.

About Håkan Forss

Håkan Forss is a Lean/Agile Enterprise Coach, a public speaker and an author working out of Stockholm, Sweden. He coaches, mentors and teaches Lean and Agile thinking, methods and tools. Håkan works with organisations, leaders, teams and individuals, developing people’s ability to continuously learn and improve.

Håkan is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP). He was nominated for the Brickell Key Award in both 2013 and 2014.

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