Herry Wiputra

Chief Product and Technology Officer, hipages

Guest speaker

Scaling product organisations for growth

There are many ways to structure your team to deliver greater and faster value to your customers. Yet, more often than not, this actually goes backwards. As an organisation grows, everything becomes slower and the company loses momentum. One of the main reasons this is the case is because people are still adopting Frederick Winslow Taylor’s way of thinking: where managers do the thinking and the people on the ground do the ‘doing’. Almost every big corporate is structured in this way. The result is a huge silo-ed organisation, where everyone is pulling in different directions and management becomes the biggest bottleneck.

In this talk, Herry will draw on lessons from Lean and Edward Deming’s way of thinking. He will focus on the key foundational block for building successful product development organisations: self-organising teams. Rather than creating more hierarchies, organisations should scale and transform by creating more self-organising teams. Herry will cover five different areas of focus in creating high-performing self-organising teams: Culture, People, Structure, Process and Architecture.

About Herry Wiputra

Herry Wiputra is currently the Chief Product and Technology Officer at hipages. In this combined role, he is responsible for the end-to-end product development, from concept to delivering value in the hands of the customers. Prior to this role, Herry was the CIO at Campaign Monitor, where he scaled the engineering team in order to unlock growth. He is a huge advocate of Lean Software Development and adopts Lean philosophy in his leadership style. His past experience involved working for REA Group, Aconex and Silicon Graphics.

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