Jesse Boyd

Delivery Manager, Digital Transformation Agency

Leading change

Agile change in government 

As the delivery manager for the Digital Transformation Agency’s Content and Brand team, Jesse Boyd is working on driving Agile change within a traditionally reactive and ‘un-Agile’ team. This means almost starting from scratch: bringing all team members along to create a strong base of understanding the fundamentals of Agile delivery, developing definitions of ‘ready’ and ‘done’, planning and undertaking retrospectives, and reworking how ceremonies are conducted.

This talk is targeted at government agencies looking to create an Agile mindset, and directly addresses the difficulties and benefits associated with doing this. Even in an agency that so strongly promotes an Agile mindset, it can still be problematic and difficult to push this mindset down to the team level. Jesse will use his own team’s journey as a case study, reflecting on his experiences leading this change.

About Jesse Boyd

Jesse Boyd is a delivery manager and developer for the Content and Brand team at the Digital Transformation Agency. Jesse loves working within a team that’s building better experiences for users of Australian Government services. In particular, he enjoys helping team members find value in their work and processes and seeing how this brings value to users. Jesse is interested in helping traditionally reactive and ‘un-Agile’ teams adjust the way they work. While his background is in Drupal development, languages and history, Jesse has been working in Agile teams for around three years and has been a Certified Scrum Master for two years.

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