Jori Ramakers

Digital Transformation Strategist, Tricentis

Sponsored by Tricentis

Speed is the new currency

What is the journey to ‘Quality at Speed’? How do you scale Continuous Testing to the enterprise? How can you eliminate testing as the bottleneck in your Software Delivery Lifecycle? And how do you know you are on the right path?

Tricentis has developed the Elements of Continuous Testing – their proven capability model. They’ll show you what elements are required to scale Continuous Testing, what phases you need to go through to achieve those desired business outcomes, and how QA becomes the orchestrator of your Software Delivery Lifecycle. In this talk, you’ll go on a journey through the different phases of transformation, learning how the elements work together from a people, process and technology perspective. And, even more importantly, you’ll learn how to leverage the model to measure your successes and to define your next steps along the journey.

About Jori Ramakers

Jori Ramakers is a Digital Transformation Strategist with a strong passion for QA. His primary focus is to define vision, strategy and concepts to scale Continuous Testing in enterprise environments to fit changing business needs. Jori is an advocate of Continuous Testing and provides business leaders the tools to let them attain their desired business outcomes. He started his career in QA over ten years ago and developed a strong customer-centric mindset. He is pragmatic, understands business objectives and has a technical background. He worked and led initiatives across the globe in many different industries.

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