Kristi Salmi

Head of Product and Data Science, Moneycatcha

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Event storming our way to success

In this talk, Kristi Salmi will present a case study of a project she was involved in last year that used the Domain Driven Design (DDD) technique of event storming. The project was the introduction of the National Payment Platform (NPP) requirements. The project had been worked on for a couple of years but hardly any progress had been made in regard to being able to implement NPP. It was clear things needed to change to be able to make it happen.

The decision was made to run the project through an Innovation Lab with Red Hat, which is something they’d done previously. Part of the lab process involved using event storming to obtain a shared understanding between business and technical experts and to develop a common language. This occurred in a very short period of time and the focus was on outcomes rather than solutions. The outcomes from the Event Storming session were then used to drive requirements. After a 12 week period they were able to deliver a working prototype that met the Product Owner’s MVP – much more than had been achieved in the last two years of the project.  

About Kristi Salmi

Kristi Salmi has over 13 years’ experience in financial services, with roles including Credit Analysis Manager, Senior Data Scientist and Information Architect. Currently she is Head of Product and Data with Moneycatcha, which is a FinTech startup. Kristi has significant project and product experience in loan origination, operational and management reporting and regulatory compliance. She has a Masters in Data Science, is a Certified Enterprise Architect (TOGAF), Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, and Certified Design Sprint Master. She has a passion for understanding how information can be used to create a competitive advantage and to provide a better customer experience. She is particularly interested in utilising design thinking, human centered design and domain driven design (such as event storming) to upfront innovation within the Agile framework and collaboratively co-create solutions with customers.

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