Mia Horrigan

Enterprise Agile Coach and Senior Program Manager, Zen Ex Machina

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Agile strategic planning for executives

Can you predict the future? Can it really be planned in the 21st century?

In the face of relentless technological change, disruptive forces in industry after industry, global competition, and so on, strategic planning often seems like pointless wishful thinking. And yet, planning is clearly essential for any company of any size. For teams who have embraced Agile ways of working, the paradigm shift is a powerful enabler of adaptability to such change. Planning at the tactical level is integral to the way these teams work in two-week sprints.

So how can strategic planning adapt to become Agile and guide whole organisations towards higher levels of business agility? Attend this talk to find out!

About Mia Horrigan

Mia Horrigan is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach and Senior Program Manager, with over 15 years’ senior executive experience in leading and implementing software solutions, including digital transformations. Mia has been working with Agile teams for over 10 years and is an experienced Product Manager and Scrum Master. She has demonstrated experience in delivering business outcomes and value through the successful implementation of Agile/Scrum at team and enterprise levels. Mia’s key clients include Australian Taxation Office, Dept. of Industry, Innovation and Sciences, Nestle, ACT Health and ACTEWAGL.

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