Pete Young

Head of MyPost Consumer, Australia Post

Leading change

Measure (and learn) what matters

Australia Post’s ‘MyPost’ team was set up in 2015 as a cross-functional (product/experience/engineering) Agile team of up to 120 people focused on the digital consumer experience. This included personalising experiences across web, mobile, retail and contact centre channels. The team quickly established a high level of predictability, consistently completing over 90% of their quarterly target objectives.

They were delivering as an Agile team but weren’t always certain they were building the right thing. The ’measure and learn’ delivery stage was often skipped as they picked up the next piece of work. Their measure of success was often output (objective completion) not outcomes (benefits).

In this talk, Pete Young will share how, in two years, a single metric focus resulted in a 7% increase in first time delivery. Usage of services to drive this outcome increased over 400-700%. This had flow-on financial and customer benefits (NPS was up +6pts). Perhaps most importantly, they just recorded the highest level of employee engagement since late 2015.

About Pete Young

Pete Young has played a key role in leading the transformation of Australia Post’s digital consumer experiences as part of the “MyPost” team – primarily focussed on transforming the parcel delivery experience.

Pete believes everyone should understand the ‘why’ behind their work, how it aligns to strategy (and ensuring it does) and how it makes an impact. Pete is passionate about using data to learn and measure outcomes, not outputs.

Pete’s background includes management consulting, corporate strategy, digital product management, attempting to launch a startup (and failing) and running a web development business out of his bedroom during the first dot-com boom.

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