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Upon retrospective: the board went Agile – with Alan Kirkland

Someone recently said they’d be dead before Boards and Board of Directors become Agile! But, at CHOICE, they feel optimistic.

A 60 year old social enterprise, CHOICE is largely funded through a digital business that has undergone significant transformation. While much of this transformation has been within CHOICE, it’s been supported by a transformation at Board level. This is a Board that has learned to focus on what the organisation is trying to achieve rather than how, and favours OKRs over traditional business plans. Most of all, it’s a Board committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Board Chair Sandra Davey and CEO Alan Kirkland will talk about their ‘accidental’ Agile journey, and how and why they’re practicing new ways of working. If you’ve ever thought that Boards don’t think about user needs and will never understand Agile, this is the session for you.

About Sandra Davey

Sandra Davey is Founder of Product Space. With a deep love of digital product management, she’s been involved in more than 30 digital (hardware and software) products across B2C and B2B. Sandra’s seen the best and worst, so with humour and pragmatism she helps people, teams and organisations optimise the way they bring products to market.

She joined the Board of CHOICE in 2012 and was elected Chair in 2017. Sandra chairs the Governance Committee and the Investment Committee and is a member of the Commercial Sustainability Committee.She is also Chair of the Australian Internet Community Forum, an initiative to re-ignite the Internet Governance community and serves as an Advisor to the Board of Bush Heritage Australia.

Her past Non-Executive Director roles have included serving as Director and Chair of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA), and the inaugural Director of the Australian Domain Name Authority (auDA).

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