Sharda Nandram

Professor, Nyenrode Business University and Chair, Buurtzorg

Invited Speaker

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Sharda S. Nandram is a co-founder of Praan Group, an international consultancy group specialising in integrative self-managed organisations and nurturing integrative intelligence amongst employees, entrepreneurs and leaders in different industries. She is a non-executive director at Buurtzorg India. Sharda is also a professor at Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands, and an adjunct professor and chair of the Buurtzorg OMRISE research group at Banasthali University, the world’s largest women’s residential university based in Rajasthan.

Sharda’s interests include integrative intelligence, entrepreneurship, spirituality, organisational innovation, leadership and transformational learning. She has founded the concept of integrating simplification and co-founded integrative intelligence. Sharda holds two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees (one in Work and Organisational Psychology and the other in General Economics, having received both from the University of Amsterdam). She completed her PhD in Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. She is a member of the board of the European SPES Institute.

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