Discover the world of Agile with these free student programs

Attend Activate Agile
26 June 2019, Hilton Sydney.

Join the Sketch Crew
25-26 June 2019, Hilton Sydney.

Volunteer at AgileAus19
24-26 June 2019, Hilton Sydney.

Activate Agile

Wednesday 26 June 2019 at Hilton Sydney from 1.00pm – 4.30pm.

Meet the techies working in Sydney’s boss-level companies at Activate Agile!

‘Agile’ is an approach to working used across the world’s leading organisations to improve corporate culture and the quality of products. Activate Agile is a FREE interactive afternoon designed for students and educators to learn more about better ways of working with Agile.

Running alongside the AgileAus Conference, this is a unique opportunity to tap into the brains of those working in leading tech companies. Find out what it’s really like to work as a developer, business analyst, product manager or designer; discover the traits tech employers are looking for; and get an insight into the approaches and practices used in Agile workplaces.

Who’s speaking at Activate Agile?

Adam Boas

Chapter Lead

What it means to be a developer writing code in an Agile team.

Juggling the jargon!

Maria Shvedova

Iteration Manager
NSW Government

Why a technical background is a bonus even when you don’t write code for a living.

Kanban and personal Kanban.

Activate attendees will also get the opportunity to sit in on conference sessions led by Spotify’s Erin McManus and Fiona Siseman, and The Playful Entrepreneur author Mark Dodgson.


Following an introduction to Agile presented by a bona-fide Agile Coach, you’ll get to choose from a range of activities to participate in, all happening in one room!

We’ll be using a ‘vote with your feet’ approach, which means you don’t need to sign up to any of the activities prior to the day – just walk over to the ones that interest you.

2.00 – 3.30PM

Welcome: What is Agile? Alexandra Stokes, ReBoot Co


Each activity will run from 15-20 minutes. After each activity, students are welcome to rotate to whichever activity they would like to participate in next.

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Room C



Listen in on these keynote presentations from international thought leaders, alongside the delegates of the AgileAus Conference.

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Session Title Speaker, Organisation

Session blurb

Room C


Student Sketch Crew

25-26 June 2019, Hilton Sydney.

AgileAus19 invites university students to join the AgileAus Sketch Crew;  run as part of the Conference on Tuesday 25 – Wednesday 26 June 2019. This FREE program introduces you to the world of Agile and the art of sketchnoting.  

Make your CV stand out from the pack, and learn the value of visual problem solving in the workplace. Sketch Crew allows you to gain demonstrable design experience in a business environment, and network with 1200+ Conference delegates.  Your work may be shared across the AgileAus community through social media, and the AgileTODAY magazine and blog.

Check out some highlights from 2018’s Sketch Crew.

To apply

To apply to the AgileAus19 Student Sketch Crew, please email your best contact information to:, along with the name of the university/school you currently attend.

Feel free to attach anything you’re working on, and be as creative as you like!

Student Volunteers

24-26 June 2019, Hilton Sydney.

We always love hearing from students who are curious about Agile and want to get involved! Volunteers at AgileAus play an invaluable role in helping the Conference run smoothly by packing and handing out satchels, running mics, minding doors, and generally assisting with the management of the 1200+ Conference attendees.

To apply

To apply, email Kate at

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Follow us on social media and join the conversation using the hashtag #agileaus.


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