Craig Smith
Global Agility Lead, SoftEd
Rashina Hoda

About Craig Smith

Craig Smith has been an Agile Practitioner, Coach and one of Australia’s premier Agile Trainers for over twenty years. As the Global Agility Lead for SoftEd, a director of the Agile Alliance, co-organiser of the Agile Brisbane Meetup Group, co-host of one of the world’s leading Agile Podcasts (The Agile Revolution), and an Agile Editor for InfoQ, Craig is one of Australia’s heaviest contributors to the Agile community. Craig has presented at numerous local and international conferences and meetups. He specialises in all facets of Agile training, executive coaching and technical excellence by helping teams and organisations move quality and delivery to the left.

Building Great Product Roadmaps: The Missing Link

We’ve all seen or created a roadmap; a busy diagram, with lines and arrows and boxes that neatly squeezes onto a page and is quickly forgotten and outdated. It’s time to make roadmaps great again! Roadmaps are the missing link between stakeholder communication and breaking down work for the product backlog. They keep your backlog clean and your stakeholders out of the weeds and focused on outcomes.

Join Craig Smith to explore modern roadmaps from both a strategic and tactical lens, and uncover the super powers this tool has in your product toolkit.