Erin Soo Kee
Product Leader & Scrum Practitioner
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About Erin Soo Kee

Erin Soo Kee is a product leader, scrum practitioner and agilist from Sydney Australia.

She started her career in financial services, spending 13 years at Macquarie Bank as a key leader through their digital and agile transformation, where she learnt from some of the best scrum masters & agile coaches in Australia. She bootstrapped her own children’s streetwear brand and textile business and has worked as a product management consultant & trainer. She is currently the Head of Customer Strategy at GravityLab, a leading NZ Salesforce partner.

As a speaker, Erin is energetic, passionate, and always her authentic self.

Passionate leadership: to the dark side and back again

It’s a cautionary tale of fear and lust and pride
Based on actual events where people died (no one died)
– Mean Girls (the Musical)

Many of our Agile and product industry leaders talk and write about passion, from Jeff Patton to Marty Cagan, but how much is too much?

In this talk, Erin Soo Kee will share stories from her journey into leadership along with some of the challenges of passionate people and how leaders can (and should!) harness that energy for good with Product Evangelism.