Amjad Sidqi

Associate Director, Pivotal Labs Sydney

Sponsored by Pivotal

Strangling the monolith – with David Julia

This is a real-life story of how one team successfully rewrote a legacy health insurance system with thousands of unknown business rules so complex that no one could make heads or tails of them – and a tiny mistake could put millions of dollars at risk.

Through an analysis of the scenario, Amjad Sidqi and David Julia will share how you can:

  • Build statistically significant confidence in your system with data-driven testing
  • Take a Lean approach to legacy rewrites to strangle the monolith safely
  • Validate your system’s accuracy when you don’t know the legacy business rules
  • Get business and QA buy-in to leverage continuous delivery in a legacy environment
  • Demonstrate progress on your legacy rewrite so that your project doesn’t get cancelled.

About Amjad Sidqi

Amjad Sidqi is a Product Manager who has helped teams come together to discover and build valuable products and services across both business and consumer channels. Amjad has managed and launched products in several industries, including e-commerce, airlines, government and NGOs around the world. Amjad advocates for autonomous teams that apply lean product management, user-centered design and eXtreme Programming to build great product.

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