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The many faces of leadership – with Gendry Morales

The art of management requires an appreciation of context. As a founder of a company, you lead a team of pioneers without a map, but as the company becomes established your leadership style must change to get the best out of your team in different situations.

Andrew Blain and Gendry Morales have had very different leadership journeys. Gendry was a general manager in a leading financial services company before establishing a startup in emerging technology. Andrew went from leading small teams to founding a consultancy that now employs over 100 people. Join them as they offer a founder’s guide to contextually appropriate leadership, sharing the  frameworks they’ve developed to help leaders to navigate different problem domains. They’ll apply these frameworks to their own dilemmas; analysing how they may have better approached scenarios with the benefit of this context-sensitive leadership framework.

About Andrew Blain

Andrew Blain is a founder of Elabor8, Australia’s leading lean/Agile consultancy. He is an experienced technology leader with expertise in strategy, organisational design, complex facilitation and adaptive leadership. Andrew brings a broad perspective gained through experience ranging from fast-paced Agile teams delivering digital products, large transformation programs in complex environments, and the journey from startup founder to leading a medium sized enterprise.

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