Anna El Ali

Head of People & Culture Business Partnering and Organisational Design, THE ICONIC

Leading change

Focusing on culture to fast-track Agility – with Jody Weir

THE ICONIC focused on culture first and then brought in Agility. With the right culture in place, their Agile practices thrived.

Culture is how we think, what habits we create and what we do when we’re interacting with each other every day. Culture exists at many levels within organisations: from a single team to a tribe/department to company-wide. A cultural movement is a change in your culture that starts small, catches on and builds momentum. In this talk, Anna and Jody will share their ‘3C’s framework’ for successfully creating culture movements that you can use within a team or across your entire organisation to help Agile ways of working flourish. They’ll share examples of this framework in action, including how they enhanced their values-based culture, promoted trust and safety through Psychological Safety, and created a Learning Culture.

About Anna El Ali

Anna El Ali’s passion is in developing leaders to be the best they can be and helping companies create a culture that thrives and is nothing short of awesome. Anna is a pragmatic and commercial HR leader, her philosophy is fostering collaboration and transparency, and always seeking to learn, unlearn and relearn. Anna is currently the Head of People & Culture Business Partnering and Organisational Design at THE ICONIC. Before her life at THE ICONIC, Anna worked for Westpac, Deloitte and Macquarie Group in varied roles focusing on managing student, women in leadership and Indigenous talent that were aimed at changing people’s lives. Her other passions in life are being a mum of two boys, an avid fitness fanatic and an awesome self-professed chef.

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