Anne-Marie Charrett

Founder and Principal Quality Engineer, Testing Times

The fundamentals

Quality, speed & synergy walk into a bar…

If we think of software delivery as a journey to achieving desired business outcomes, quality is the GPS that points us in the right direction. This talk will help you better understand quality and what it means to you, your team and your business partners. Anne-Marie Charrett will look at ways to frame quality in terms of business outcomes to keep you on the right track. She’ll also discuss ways to visualise quality so everyone can see where the team is at on their journey.

Does Anne-Marie believe testers have a place in this future? Absolutely! In fact, she thinks the role of a tester is needed more now than ever, but perhaps not in a way we’ve traditionally seen in our roles.

This talk is a must for anyone moving to contemporary engineering approaches.

About Anne-Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie Charrett makes quality visible in a language that a business can understand. As Co-founder of Testing Times, she excels at creating spaces where a quality infected culture can thrive. With 20 years’ experience in software delivery with roles ranging from testing software protocols, to Quality Engineering Consultant to Head of Engineering at Tyro Payments, Anne-Marie’s knowledge and skill has been truly tested.

You can read more about her ideas on her blog, Maverick Tester, and catch some of her thoughts on Twitter (@charrett).

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