Marina Chiovetti

Director, Digital Strategy & Capability, Digital Acceleration, NSW Government

Closer to the customer

How NSW is using life journeys

Governments tend to design services for citizens with their siloed blinkers on. We design health services through the lens of a hospital, education services through the lens of a school, and justice services through the lens of police or courts.

What if we designed our services through the lens of citizens and their experiences? Going deeper, what if we designed from the perspective of a citizen going through a particular phase in their life? In NSW, Marina Chiovetti and her team are using Design Thinking and Agile delivery to understand the citizen context through Life Journeys— phases in life like: Starting a Family, the Retirement Years, Getting a Job or End of Life. Marina will share the methodology she uses to connect government and non-government services (private sector and NGOs included) to understand the multiple paths and pain points of a Life Journey. Importantly, she’ll explain how this is making life better for citizens. This talk will inspire some and start a provocative discussion with others!

About Marina Chiovetti

With a vision to make every hour of the workday more satisfying and productive, Marina Chiovetti is passionate about bringing Agile and Design Thinking to all IT teams across Australia. Marina is currently tasked with setting up and running the Digital.NSW Accelerator as part of the NSW Government. This is a ‘Lab’ style service that shepherds projects through a Discovery-Alpha-Beta-MVP delivery model, introducing many government teams to the benefits of ‘breaking free’ from traditional delivery approaches.

With a background in Agile, Service Design, and a keen interest in how humans work, Marina applies coaching techniques to executives and teams to build long-lasting change.

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