Nina Huchthausen

Coach, A2B Australia

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The Cabcharge digital transformation – with Greg LindsayDeon Ludick

Digital transformations often focus on technology, products and process. However when Deon Ludick took on the role of CTO at A2B (the parent company of well-known brands like Cabcharge, 13cabs and Silver Service), he knew much more was needed to compete successfully in a market undergoing significant disruption.
Partnering with Hypothesis, A2B has since implemented a radical shift in their approach to delivery, and created a culture with an unwavering focus on the customer. A change towards customer-centricity has helped Cabcharge break through organisational silos, set (and achieve) audacious goals, and find new relevance for the future. Hear Deon share the story of the Cabcharge digital transformation!

About Nina Huchthausen
Nina Huchthausen currently looks after Product and Agile Transformation at A2B and believes an open, fearless expression of ideas is critical to driving personal and team growth. She is passionate about building and growing teams, while fostering a collaborative culture of honesty, authenticity and integrity to create a path to happiness. Originally from Germany, Nina has worked across the globe and enjoys working with a wide range of people from various cultural backgrounds.

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