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Instrument Flight Rules – CyberSec in the cloud

Today, more and more of our digital assets are moving out beyond the company borders. Flexible working means access from home, public wifi hotspots, airport lounges and now even from 30,000 feet above the ocean. VPN tunnels into the company was all that was required to enable remote access, but today key data resides outside of the company, rendering the VPN tunnel virtually useless.

Cloud technologies provide incredible agility and scale and the ability to roll out new products and services at a pace that was simply not achievable twenty years ago. Those that are not embracing these technologies risk being left behind in the ever more competing landscape. However, as with all new technologies, new challenges arise and cyber security in the new world is no different. In this talk, Richard Miller will look into the differences between cyber defence before and after the cloud. He’ll look into just how much of your data exists beyond the firewall, even for companies that believe they have not yet moved to the cloud. He’ll also look at what can be done holistically to protect your data and discuss technologies that are specifically designed to address cloud security challenges.

About Richard Miller

Richard Miller is the CTO of Prospa, a fintech and lender to small business, where he manages the engineering and cyber security teams. Richard has been working in commercial software engineering for 28 years with the past 19 years being exclusively in cloud based SaaS software. He has spent a number of years doing cyber security consulting specifically on PKI and encryption technologies. Richard has lived through transitioning a company from on premise to managing data centres across Sydney, Shanghai and Atlanta to the cloud. He has spent the past four years in a company that is 100% cloud based and has never owned a server.

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