Sarah Traynor

Culture Development Lead, ANZ

The learning organisation

Bruce Lee honesty and other lessons

In 2017, ANZ announced that it was moving to ‘New Ways of Working’ (NWOW) and introducing Agile practices at scale. Now, ANZ has~9000 people working in NWOW Tribes, Tech Areas and Centres of Expertise. At the heart of this change is their desire to build a culture of learning and to make ANZ a truly great place to grow.  

Sarah Traynor will commence the talk by sharing her experience working in a squad and observing the key ingredients needed for a team to continuously learn and grow. She’ll share anecdotes and examples of things that worked and things that didn’t! You’ll gain insights that can be applied at a micro level – working with a team to build a strong, cohesive culture and a macro level, instituting principles, processes and structural enablers for large-scale cultural change.

About Sarah Traynor

Sarah Traynor is currently Culture Development Lead for ‘New Ways of Working’ (NWOW) at ANZ. Her experiences include over 3 years in India with ANZ’s Bengaluru hub, and working with a number of different leaders in Australia. In 2017, Sarah moved to playing a key role in the ‘People, Skills and Talent’ stream for the Australia Division’s NWOW transformation – the first of its kind in the organisation. This transformation aims to increase organisational agility, create a more engaging and thriving place to work, and accelerate ANZ’s ability to deliver customer value at pace.

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