Theresa Neate

QA Practice Lead & Developer Advocate, REA Group

Closer to the customer

What is Developer Experience, and why does it matter?

Every team has a customer.

You’ve heard of Customer Experience and User Experience. Now, allow Theresa Neate to introduce Developer Experience!

Your developers and tech staff are customers, too. They are both your customers when you provide services to them such as build and deployment tools, and customers of any external services and tools they use.

They’re also users. They are users of interfaces, tools, libraries and platforms.

As a highly skilled technology staff, do the rules of CX and DX apply to them?

In this talk, Theresa will discuss the growing case for platform thinking, internal platforms and the application of customer-centricity to internal platform teams and their customers. Theresa will also explore the emerging field of developer experience, which draws from UX and CX and human-computer interaction.

About Theresa Neate

Theresa Neate is a QA practice lead and developer advocate who loves Lean and agility and advocates for holistic system quality and systems thinking. Her recent experience includes developer advocacy for an internal developer cohort (supporting an internal Application Platform) and QA practice leadership for commercial and platform teams. Her background spans two decades of testing and QA hands-on and leadership experience; the last decade spent between the ThoughtWorks consultancy stable, Australia Post’s Digital Delivery Centre and, for the past three and a half years, at REA Group. In her spare time, Theresa studies a Diploma of Networking, freelance blogs for TechTarget DevOpsAgenda, sits on their Advisory Board, and co-organises and contributes at DevOps Girls. She’s a lifelong and eternally curious sceptic and learner.

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