Diana Adorno

Head of Design, Operations, ThoughtWorks

Closer to the customer

Sherlock Holmes value detection – with Richard Young

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”  – Arthur Conan Doyle

The art of uncovering the real value can be subtle and needs attention to detail. In doing so, the principles of Sherlock Holmes can work perfectly to help us shape our investigations and conclusions. Careful observation is key, as are informed deductions.

In this talk, Richard Young and Diana Adorno will share how Sherlock principles apply to value detection. They will use real examples where they tested the starting pre-conceptions of the team and stakeholders against what customers really wanted – and will discuss the eye-opening conclusions. Attend this talk to learn how to be a great sleuth!

About Diana Adorno
As Global Head of Design for ThoughtWorks’ Technical Operations Group, Diana Adorno looks at design across the enterprise using a service design and evidence-based approach. Diana is a designer, researcher and strategist who produces digital products using an Agile and Lean approach. She continually experiments with different aspects of the design process to reveal intuitive, feasible designs as well as the transformation for people and organisations.

Diana has worked across many industries and pulls insights across all of them. She has a technical, design and a qualitative research background in Cognitive Anthropology. Diana has worked globally as consultant on digital products and business shaping in Australia, Asia, UK and Europe.

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