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Business transformation expert and leadership coach

Cherie Mylordis

About Cherie Mylordis

Cherie Mylordis is a sought-after transformation and leadership coach who guides organisations and their people to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

With three decades of experience leading complex change programs, Cherie has a deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s business leaders. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise across transformation, culture change and innovation, equips leaders to turn their vision into decisive action.

Cherie’s track record of achievements includes work with large corporates, top-tier consulting, government departments and not-for-profits. She credits the five years spent in strategy and senior management roles for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games for shaping her approach to leadership, purpose and collaboration on a massive scale.

Cherie now provides contemporary consulting and coaching for executives and leaders with high-impact goals, drawing on a spectrum of established and emerging disciplines. She has recently coached teams on innovation sprints in Australia and Asia and is also a passionate supporter of social purpose organisations.

CommunityDoing our best work: What 100+ leaders say needs to change right now

Right now, we need our leaders to step up and do their best work to guide our organisations through turbulent times. Yet many still feel stifled and unable to respond rapidly to change.

Despite all we’ve learnt over the last two years, countless organisations remain stuck in outdated leadership and culture models.

Accomplished transformation expert and leadership coach, Cherie Mylordis, spoke to over 100 leaders across the globe and asked what was stopping people from doing their best work.

In this ground-breaking session, Cherie delves into the barriers holding your leaders (and you) back and explores how to lean in, influence and shift mindsets.

You’ll leave with practical, tangible tips to support your stakeholders to overcome resistance, break from default leadership styles and help bring their best work to life.

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