Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Alex Stokes Founder and CEO, ReBoot Co.

Quinton Quartel

About Alex Stokes

Alex Stokes has been a driver of several large Agile transformations in Australia and has led digital delivery teams, and brought agility and pace at all levels, from team to exec. She is a strong advocate for self directed and self organising teams, and a passionate ‘first principles’ agilist, shunning frameworks and bloated approaches.

Since agile’s emergence in the 90’s she has honed and applied these methods and complementary techniques (Lean, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking) to every kind of industry and workplace you can imagine. Alex has even written a book about Empowered Agile Transformation – Beyond the Framework to help us all do this better.

Alex enjoys coaching, teaching, and helping other companies solve their problems of scale, delivery and pace, and founded ReBoot Co. with a good friend Tony Fifoot in 2017. Their mission is to help orgs achieve sustainable and continuous improvement, and transform every workplace so people love their work, and they have an excellent team of people to help with that.

Session Frameless - empower your Agile transformation

Successful Agile Transformations are possible without the large consulting companies, expensive frameworks and failure.

In this talk Alex Stokes will share with you stories of successful Transformation approaches that are faithful to our highest priority – to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of value, and provide tools, patterns and practical examples so you can apply these ideas to your own transformative efforts.

In 2023 Alex published a book, Empowered Agile Transformations – Beyond the framework, and her mission is to spread and share more examples and stories that are authentic to the original principles and tenets of the Agile movement, so leaders of organisations can create better systems of work where people love to be.