Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Benjamin F. Wirtz Product & Tech Leader, Scalable Leaders

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About Benjamin F. Wirtz

With over 10 years of experience in building companies and leading teams in Product, Design and Engineering, Benjamin F. Wirtz has helped numerous people in tech become accomplished leaders in their own right. He has learned from world class leaders at organisations such as Google and Atlassian, as well as many established coaches and executives.

While sharing his strategies and processes of building products that generated over $100,000,000, he recognised the pressure on Tech teams and their Leaders to excel without adequate support.

Based on his experience of working with over 50 leadership teams at over 50 Tech companies, he crafted Scalable Leaders – a Growth & Support System addressing the challenges that tend to overwhelm Leaders in Tech.

Full-day Workshop Managing and Leading Teams in Tech – Without Losing Your Mind

82% of Managers are seen as lacking in Leadership skills by their employees – and 87% of leaders wished they had more training before they started. A coincidence?
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Managing and Leading Teams in Tech is extra hard – because as Individual Contributors, people in Tech don’t hone their skills to solve ‘people problems’ nearly as much as working their ‘technical problems’ muscles.

So what does ‘good’ look like when it comes to leading Teams in Tech? How can you build and sustain confidence in yourself, and confidence of your stakeholders? And how can you create a safe and engaging team culture?

Those are the questions you will learn to answer during this workshop. You will take away some of the best practices used by Leaders at organisations such as Google, Atlassian, Zip, Sendle and CultureAmp every day to get the best out of their teams.

Last but not least, you will understand how to grow yourself as a leader on an ongoing basis.

And the best part? It’s all delivered in a very practical way, with real life case studies and role play to practise what you learn in a safe space instead of having to ‘test in prod’.

Who is this workshop for:

  • New-ish Leaders in engineering, design, product or delivery functions who want to make sure they survive the transition into Leadership without burnout.
  • Aspiring Leaders in Tech who want to accelerate their career by learning and getting recognised for key leadership skills.
  • Established Leaders who never had formal training and find themselves struggling in situations such as having to give tough feedback or managing up.

Testimonials from previous Scalable Leaders event attendees:

  • “Today’s session was a life changer. I gave up on leadership roles after a terrible experience. This gives me new hope.”
  • “Ben can say things you already know in a way that resonates and make you understand it even better.”
  • “Really liked the role play, it was super effective.”
  • “I feel more confident and became much more intentional about the relationship with my manager.”

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