Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Caidyrn Roder Agile Coach and Co-founder, ProSocia

Quinton Quartel

About Caidyrn Roder

Caidyrn Roder is an Agile Coach and consultant, with 20 years experience helping people and organisations thrive.

Caidyrn believes that the best way for organisations to be successful is to focus on their people. Give them the support they need, help them grow, and make it easy for them to do their best work everyday. This belief is central to the consultancy that he co-founded, ProSocia.

At the ABC, he led the Digital Delivery Office, overseeing the organisation’s digital portfolio. As a consultant, he spent the last few years advising executives at Australia’s leading airlines and financial institutions. He is a regular guest lecturer at UTS, and is passionate about doing work that has a positive impact.