Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Julie Cunningham Complexability

Quinton Quartel

About Julie Cunningham

Julie Cunningham draws on a background in organisational development and systems change to engage with clients in processes that support their understanding of complexity and their ability to take action.

Julie works closely with organisations to help lift performance through capability cultivation and capacity building. Over the past 7 years she has expanded her practice to more deeply embrace complex methods including narrative research and complex facilitation.

Half-day Workshop Building resilience and sustainability in complex change

with Viv Read, Director, Complexability

Learn how complexity theory and Cynefin can cultivate your capacity and capability.

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This interactive workshop session invites you to learn by doing, using complexity based tools and methods.

We invite you to explore the following dimensions of sustainable complex change:

  • Description, Evaluation or Aspiration – What is most useful for sustainable complex change?
  • Experts and Expertise – What is the difference and what are the implications for the role of various stakeholders?
  • From Engagement to Involvement – What is appropriate? When? Who? How?
  • Sense-making and meaning making – The importance of context
  • Measure or Monitor? Understanding what matters.

You will leave armed with new tools, methods and resources to apply to your own work when navigating change as well as a new perspective on building resilience in your organisation.

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