Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Julie Cunningham Senior Associate, Complexability

Quinton Quartel

About Julie Cunningham

Julie Cunningham has significant experience in organisational design, leadership development and systems change, leveraging her expertise to guide clients through the complexities of today’s constantly evolving landscape. With a multifaceted background spanning leadership, organisational development, change management, strategy, risk, innovation, and marketing, Julie serves as a trusted partner (and at times ‘critical friend’) for individuals and organisations navigating complexity and building resilient cultures.

With a unique blend of consulting, facilitation, and coaching skills, Julie works with organisations to enhance their performance through capability cultivation and capacity building. She has a track record of working in diverse contexts and thanks to her ability to swiftly grasp and analyse new information, Julie has often served as a bridge between knowledge, information, and practical solutions.

Julie’s recent endeavours include narrative research projects, applying complexity-based tools and methods and weaving these methods into whole of organisation approaches to support restructures and business transformation activities. Recognising the shifting global environment, she explores innovative approaches to address emerging challenges, particularly focusing on the evolving landscape of learning within organisations and the impact of technological advancements.

Julie’s educational background includes an Executive Masters and Post-Graduate Certificate in NeuroLeadership, a Masters of Information Management, a Bachelor of Management, and a Diploma of Company Directorship, complemented by relevant industry-specific accreditations. Her breadth of experience and ability to connect with diverse audiences across cultures make her a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of today’s world.

Session Cautionary tales and the language of complex change

Our starting point for change is that human systems are complex. The characteristics are different. This has implications for co-designing initiatives and interventions. It is not the world of recipes, checklists and quick fixes.

While some of the language may have changed over many years, core principles remain constant: their application in context is today’s challenge.

In this talk, Julie Cunningham will draw on expertise and Knowledges including Indigenous Knowledges, ancient scholars and more recent social anthropologists and cognitive neuroscientists, physicists and assorted academics and practitioners to give you the tools to navigate complex change.

You will leave knowing that the language of change, changes! The reality of what works flexes to different contexts; but fundamental principles, protocols and processes can provide the scaffolding to weather whatever comes.

Half-day Workshop Building resilience and sustainability in complex change

with Viv Read, Director, Complexability

Learn how complexity theory and Cynefin can cultivate your capacity and capability.

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This interactive workshop session invites you to learn by doing, using complexity based tools and methods.

We invite you to explore the following dimensions of sustainable complex change:

  • Description, Evaluation or Aspiration – What is most useful for sustainable complex change?
  • Experts and Expertise – What is the difference and what are the implications for the role of various stakeholders?
  • From Engagement to Involvement – What is appropriate? When? Who? How?
  • Sense-making and meaning making – The importance of context
  • Measure or Monitor? Understanding what matters.

You will leave armed with new tools, methods and resources to apply to your own work when navigating change as well as a new perspective on building resilience in your organisation.

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