Please note: these are in order of speaker’s last name

Venkatesh Arunachalam – Associate Director, VMware Tanzu Labs

Anu Pandey – ​​Staff Consultant – Product Engineer/Manager, VMWare

Digital Transformation: Why well-planned multi-year programs still fail! And what to do instead!

Dave Bales – Enterprise Agile Coach, AgileMe

Making deliberate organisational culture choices and allowing Agile to emerge

Michael Cavanagh – Deputy Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit, The University of Sydney

Putting the resilience back into resilience: leading in a challenged world

Damien Cave – Australia Bureau Chief, The New York Times

Risk, Community and a Courageous Australia

Marina Chiovetti

Climate change doesn’t cause bushfires – leadership does

Zoë Coyle – Founder & Director, Pilot Light

Hardwired for connection

Annabel Crabb

How impossible becomes possible

Adri de Vleeschauwer – Business Advisory Chapter Lead, Roche

Catherine Drury – ​​Agile Coach, Roche Pharmaceuticals Australia

Using Agile to spearhead change in the healthcare industry

Denisse Dimatatac – Head of Delivery, amaysim

Little changes, big impact. This is the story of a little telco, with a big heart

Keith Dodds – Author and organiser

What matters most is NOT maximising private profit… but it is why the corporate elite turned to Agile

Geoffrey Dunn – Lead Systems Test Engineer, ResMed

Making a medical product with Agile

Rhoda Esquivel – Founder, Woolfie

How to thrive in this new remote world – a software engineer’s perspective

Rebecca Gordon – Director, Aged Care Transformation, Services Australia

Dancing with a brain tumour; how an Agile growth mindset, Cynefin and sprint planning helped me dance to a new tune

Lachlan Heasman

Leading the self-managing team

Mia Horrigan – Enterprise Agile Coach and Partner for Digital Transformation, Program and Services Delivery, Zen Ex Machina

Matthew Hodgson – ​​CEO and Executive Agile Coach, Zen Ex Machina

Measuring enterprise agility and leadership through organisational psychology

Kevin Loong

Dr Seuss Super Coach

Keegan Luiters – Presenter, facilitator and coach

Sarah Stokes – ​​Head of Design, Domain

Feedback culture in teams starts with you

Paru Madhavan – Practice Lead, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

Agile and the Art of Winemaking

Sherif Mansour – Distinguished product manager, Atlassian

It’s okay to start with the solution

Cherie Mylordis – Business transformation expert and leadership coach

Sustainable transformation – where to from here?

Dipesh Pala – Agile Capability Leader — Asia Pacific, IBM

Can we really be Agile while working remotely?

Natalie Ramantanis – Tribe Lead, ING Australia

Guido Swinkels – ​​Agile Coach, ING Australia

Shifting the blame game between business & IT to a shared accountability Tribe model

Sheena Saigal – Portfolio Delivery Manager, Customer Experience & Technology at Coles eCommerce

What matters most when a large organisation embarks on a “Customer Obsessed Transformation journey” – Doing Agile in disguise

Marcio Sete – Chief Product & Technology Officer, Flomatika

Value Stream Management explained

Renee Troughton – Enterprise Agile Lead, Judo Bank

What is an Enterprise Agile Coach? The final frontier

John Westgarth – Agile Coach, Food Agility

Increasing the research sector’s impact through Agile

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