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Conductor, Pub Choir
Astrid Jorgensen

About Astrid Jorgensen

Astrid Jorgensen is a Brisbane-based choral conductor, composer, and presenter who is teaching the world to sing. Co-founder and director of ‘Pub Choir™’, and its online adaptation ‘Couch Choir’, Astrid has become one of the most recognisable faces in the world of community music making. Armed with a quick wit and an unquenchable enthusiasm for singing, Astrid has delivered her unique music lessons to over 300,000 people worldwide since Pub Choir’s inception in March 2017.

Astrid’s work has been endorsed by the likes of Mariah Carey, KISS, The Cranberries, Richard Carpenter, and she has shared stages with such music heavyweights as The Rolling Stones, Neil Finn, Paul Kelly, Ben Lee, and Meg Mac. Astrid’s ability to enchant audiences and guide untrained singers to musical greatness has been featured extensively in world media including the BBC World News, the New York Times, Australian Story, and Vogue Magazine. Additionally, under Astrid’s leadership Pub Choir has raised over $300,000 for charity since 2018, for which Astrid was nominated for 2020 QLD Young Australian Of The Year. Astrid is also a co-creator and co-owner of ‘Australia’s Biggest Singalong!’, a 2 hour, world-first TV broadcast in which she simultaneously taught a live audience, and viewers at home around Australia to perform in 3-part vocal harmony, live on SBS Television on June 5th, 2021.

InvitedAgileAus22 Pub Choir

Pub Choir makes magic out of bloody average voices. You will never be kicked out of Pub Choir for singing terribly, it’s not that sort of choir! Instead, you’ll laugh, joke, and possibly slurp your way to choral glory as you learn to make some legendary music with a bunch of happy Agilists.

Led by the human firecracker, Astrid Jorgensen, accompanied by guitarist Mariel Hopper, we are going to be transformed from regular punters into musical legends, just by turning up and participating. Pub Choir is out to prove that singing is for everybody, no matter how dusty your voice is!

Endorsed by the likes of Kate Bush, Mariah Carey, KISS, and Paul Kelly, Pub Choir needs to be experienced to be believed.

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