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Lachlan Heasman

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Lachlan Heasman has worked in the Australian software industry for over 20 years across many different sectors and in roles from development to management. He started using Scrum over 15 years ago and has worked in delivery and on several major and many small Agile change programs in Australia. He spends his days researching, running training and delivering coaching. Lachlan uses his experiences in his training sessions to give everyone some real examples of the successes and challenges that come with Agile. His curiosity into how and why Scrum works has led him to complete many certifications and years of university study. He is researching modern team leadership for a PhD at the University of Newcastle and has written a book on Scrum with many international gurus including two of the founders of the framework. In his spare time, he helps out with the Agile Australia Conference.

Follow the Leader

This talk will explore some of the unusual findings in leadership research. Lachlan will not be telling you how to be great/charismatic/mindful/etc. leaders. What you will learn from this session is how to be a more careful follower. Following is not the most appealing topic, the annoying reality is that we are all followers. Sometimes we choose who to follow, and other times we have followership thrust on us. After this talk, you will be asking yourself some questions about who the leaders are in your world, why they are considered leaders and whether they are worthy of you following them.

Full-day WorkshopCoaching Advanced Masterclass

In this workshop, Matthew, Mia and Lachlan will teach you their secrets for coaching and getting organisations and managers to change the way they work in as little as 3 months.
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Using scenario based learning, this workshop will teach you how to make change “sticky” by using psychology and the 8 stances of advanced coaching.

You’ll explore topics including:

  • Applying the International Coaching Federation (ICF) framework to an Agile and digital transformation context
  • Coaching the enterprise – beyond teams to Product Owners, managers and executives
  • Agile leaders as a coach, mentor, change agent and counsellor
  • Liberating Structures and advanced facilitation techniques
  • Designing scalable and repeatable coaching strategies using the science of organisational culture and change.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Distinguish group coaching from individual coaching dynamics and structure
  • Identify and practice the skills necessary for building a safe, inclusive coaching space for growth
  • Describe the steps required to establish, promote and run a successful coaching group
  • Refine techniques for deploying coaching skills, ICF core competencies and the Code of Ethics in a group setting.

Who should attend?

  • Agile coaches and change agents
  • Managers and leaders
  • Experienced Scrum Masters.

2+ years in an Agile or digital transformation context is recommended for people planning to attend this workshop.

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