Lauchlan Robertson

Product Owner, Xero
Lauchlan Robertson

About Lauchlan Robertson

Lauchlan Robertson has been fascinated in product management ever since he stumbled into it. The idea of putting a customer first and using all of the other skills he’s developed in his career to help solve problems and discover opportunities appealed a lot!

To date he has worked at a number of companies in industries ranging from tech, healthcare and visual effects. While his education in Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering was a starting point, things quickly evolved into a passion for developing great products and teams. Currently Lauchlan works at Xero based in Wellington but has worked at other notable New Zealand companies including Fisher and Paykel Healthcare and Weta Digital. At Xero he’s focussed on empowering engineers to achieve world class Site Reliability Engineering practices and delivering internal products to help support that. He is also actively involved in Xero’s community of practice for Product Management where he also co-hosts an internal Xero Product Journeys Podcast.

Outside of the professional setting, Lauchlan has expanded his curiosities into new technologies with the world of blockchain and crypto. He also plays ultimate frisbee to a high level having recently competed at World Ultimate Championships in the USA and to wrap things up there is a splash of creating art and writing a blog that keeps him very busy.

CommunityStories from developing internal products to amplify scale

When a business looks to scale, there will be some key foundations you need to invest in. This will likely centre around solving shared problems and creating teams to service them.

During this session, Lauchlan will discuss how applying a product mindset to service, platform and enablement teams can amplify the value that your company can deploy – sharing some lessons from his time at Weta Digital and Xero, where he worked on a variety of internal development teams.

Together, with a product mindset, you will have the opportunity to explore and help answer key questions such as: Do product management principles of building customer empathy and focussing on delivering outcomes still apply? How do you measure success? How can you maximise the advantages you have of being close to your users, but also navigate some of the pitfalls and shortcomings? What about tech debt and the cost of operating a system?

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