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Co-founder & Director, EPiC Agile
Robert Gaunt

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Robert Gaunt is an experienced Business Agility Coach who is also the Director & Co-founder of EPiC Agile. Having led Business Agility Transformations with some of Australasia’s largest and most respected organisations, Rob has worked with numerous executive leaders to help them navigate the political, cultural and behavioural challenges that manifest at the executive level. He now helps senior leadership teams stay ahead of the transformational curve by educating them on transformation strategy, capability, knowledge and responsibilities, ensuring leaders are able to consciously lead their transformations to a successful conclusion.

SponsoredBusiness transformation in a hybrid world

Speaking with: Matthew McCormack – Managing Director, UST; Agnes Misiurny – Innovation Lead, UST ANZ; Paul Velonis – Chairman & CEO, Elabor8

A hybrid working environment is here to stay. To meet the changing needs of employees and customers, organisations are rethinking their operating models, their use of technology and even the design of their physical office spaces. But hybrid work isn’t just about finding the right digital tools and workspaces. Organisations need to carefully consider the nuances of a blended work environment.

As organisations undergo the necessary transformation, a key theme that has emerged is how to ensure authentic collaboration. Much has been written on the importance of culture to ensure a successful digital transformation. But what is less understood are the potential long-term impacts of a fragmented, hybrid ecosystem on an organisation’s culture and sense of community.

So, how do you create and maintain a sense of community in a hybrid world?

This question is especially relevant to how digital transformation programs are designed and delivered, if they are to scale sustainably and inclusively.

In this panel discussion hosted by UST’s ANZ Managing Director, Matthew McCormack, special guests will discuss the latest research, trends and global examples to offer insights into the complexities and nuances of hybrid work.

Attend this session to discover:

  • How hybrid work is impacting businesses in Australia and around the world
  • The pros and cons of hybrid work, such as loss/increase of productivity and the mistrust of managers
  • How to overcome loneliness and create greater camaraderie within your team
  • Ideas, solutions and processes you can trial and adopt to become more Agile in a hybrid world.
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