Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Chris Chan Enterprise Transformation, Customer & Transformation Office, Bupa

Quinton Quartel

About Chris Chan

Chris Chan brings vibrant energy and passion to Humanising Work that builds sustainable performance in organisations. As an early pioneer of iterative and agile ways of working as a software engineer and delivery professional, Chris brings experiential learning of agility from various environments to form an understanding of why, when, what and how. Chris has over 17 years of diverse culture and complex adaptive transformation experience in large enterprises across various sectors. He is currently the Enterprise Transformation Lead at Bupa.

As a transformation leader, Chris has led the co-creation and implementation of Ways of Working and developed transformation strategies. He is dedicated to reshaping how organisations approach change, delivery, innovation, and performance. Chris believes in the power of integrating leadership, culture, practices, and systems of work in fit-for-purpose ways to create environments that are not only adaptable but thrive amid constant change and complexity.

At the heart of Chris’ work is a simple yet profound goal: to help organisations achieve their goals while making work more human.

Session It’s all on you, but it’s not about you

A fundamental truth in leadership: You must first transform yourself to transform an organisation.

How do you show up as a transformational leader? What perspectives shape the outcomes of your transformation efforts? What stories and experiences drive your behaviour and define your unique leadership style?

A transformational leader embraces the role of a change catalyst. We are in the business of humanising work, where people are complex and bring their own stories and challenges. These personal narratives shape how we observe, think, understand, and act.

In this talk, Chris will share a case study of a leadership team and their journey of transforming themselves first, unlocking their creative competencies so they could transform their business and modernise their ways of working.

He will share how he helped the leaders develop greater self-awareness. This enabled the leaders to shift into conscious leadership, hold a vision that transcends conventional boundaries, and be open to personal transformation in pursuit of that vision.