Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Mon 12 – Tue 13 Aug 2024 • Melbourne

Tony Ponton

Quinton Quartel

About Tony Ponton

Tony Ponton is currently in his third decade of working with agility, Tony has been involved in the Australian and international Agile communities as a leader and contributor. Additionally, he is a co-author and co-creator of “The Remote Agility Framework.”

He is also one of the co-creators and co-authors of “The Remote Agility Framework.” He also serves as a Heart of Agile guide for the global Heart of Agile movement.

His years of working with agility have provided him with many experiences (both working in and leading) across multiple organisational change programmes, transformations, agile implementations, and leadership changes.

Together, Tony and Phil have presented numerous talks and contributed to numerous articles on the subject of agile governance.

Half-day Workshop Govern Agility Workshop

with Phil Gadzinski – co-author, Govern Agility

Don’t apply governance to your Agile, apply agility to your governance.

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After attending this half-day workshop, your understanding of Agile Governance and how it affects the entire work system will have changed.

Tony and Phil will lead you through the Five Stanchions of Governance, a set of lenses for implementing and understanding governance that they have developed over many years of working with businesses worldwide.

To illustrate their use, there will be deliberate and thought-provoking discussions and activities.

To help continue their Agile Governance journey, each participant is given a copy of the Govern Agility book to take home.

Who’s this for?
While leaders of larger organisations or business units within enterprises that are open to new ways of governing will greatly benefit from this workshop, so will leaders of organisations that are growing or transforming and feel the need for more adaptive governing structures. Programme leaders, portfolio leaders, and PMO leaders will also find this to be of great use.

By the end of this workshop, you will have an understanding of:

  • The Five Stanchions of Agile Governance and how they differ to traditional approaches
  • How those traditional governance approaches can constrain agility
  • Why organisations should be looking at their governing systems holistically
  • How the Stanchions can be used to frame your organisation’s journey to Agile Governance
  • Real-world tools and how to use them to start that journey
  • How to ensure that Governance is part of the everyday flow of work, not an operational overhead.

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