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Delivery Practice Lead, Belong
Paul Benson

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Paul Benson has been in the delivery game for over 20 years and is passionate about connecting talented teams to enterprise outcomes and delivering genuine value to customers. Based in Melbourne, Paul has worked with scrum teams across multiple technical domains and sectors including Higher Education, Energy and Telecommunications. The more he is amazed by the talents of teams, the more he has been drawn to the challenge of supporting agile teams at scale and genuine business agility. In his current role as a Delivery Practice Lead at Belong, Paul works with a team of agile delivery leaders across a multi-mission model, delivering valuable products and services to Belong’s customers. Paul feels like he’s helping when all these teams have a visible level of connection to Belong’s purpose.

SponsoredIt Feels Good to get Aligned for Enterprise Agility at Belong

Over the turbulent months of 2020, Belong managed to bring to life a long running digital transformation program, delivering a scalable, flexible and reliable platform to support the continued growth of its Mobile Plan market share.Telstra’s successful ‘little brother’ Mobile Virtual Network Operator was ready to lean into the competitive cut and thrust of the Australian mobile market. With growth and continued market volatility came the need to connect our strategy to incremental objectives and to enable genuine business agility for responsive decision making. Belong had teams working feverishly (no pun intended) from their lounge rooms and attics on multiple features managed in a monolithic Jira Project (the forest heavily obscured by all those feature branches). Business objectives, key result metrics and targets were all well-defined and housed in various Confluence pages. The ability to gather transparent insights into aggregated team level delivery progress and connect all that effort to the Belong strategic direction was challenging to say the least.

Come along to this presentation to hear the highlights of Belong’s journey from the murky world of multiple teams in one Jira project to the successful implementation of Jira Align, integrated to clearly defined and managed team Jira projects. Paul will share the benefits of the implementation partnership with Atlassian and Accenture and the outcome where Belong has transparent insight from delivery teams backlogs connected through to Enterprise strategic goals. Portfolio Epics, linked to Enterprise Objectives, spanning multiple Program Increments and all connected to team feature delivery, focused in sprints progressing to incremental Program Objectives. Every level of Belong’s delivery engine is connected, committed, and aligned… and it feels good!

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