Andrew Hobday

Principal, Technology Enablement, IAG

Navigating human psychology for better business agility

Are you wondering why an Agile transformation hasn’t worked? Why new ways of working were rejected or have fallen away? Are you involved in driving a ‘mindset shift’ to increase your organisation’s agility?

Achieving real agility and beyond, involves understanding how the human mind works, and the interplay it has with agility’s critical elements. A key part of this is recognising human biases in action, and having ways to overcome them.

Through his study and experience across human psychology and business agility, Andrew connects these two worlds for the audience, bringing them to life with relatable examples and stories. Human biases are explained and linked back to a practical model for business agility. Real-life strategies are discussed for disrupting and overcoming these human biases in ourselves and others.

For anyone looking for what can be done on an individual, team or organisational basis to take agility beyond the usual limits of the human mind, this is the session.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the link between business agility and human psychology
  • Examples of how specific human biases undermine agility transformations and uplifts
  • Practical solutions to apply when overcoming the challenges of reaching agility and beyond.
About Andrew Hobday

Andrew Hobday’s career has seen him work in and across leadership, delivery, and community of practice roles. Currently, he’s tasked with navigating a large technology division through a scaled Agile transformation.

Andrew is passionate about business agility. He enjoys expanding his perspective through conversation with others and sharing his knowledge when speaking at corporate events and conferences. His recent focus has been on how human psychology influences Agile leadership & business agility in large organisations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Philosophy, and master’s degrees in Community & International Development and Commercial Law.

When Andrew’s not working or coaching the agilists and design thinkers of tomorrow, he’s in Japan with his family visiting relatives, shrines, and Okashi-ya (candy stores). He also enjoys playing keyboard in a workplace band, with a highlight being the band’s performance at the 2019 Battle of the Agile Bands.

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